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The Chamois Torch the Wolves

On the 25th match of the Magnus League season, the Chamois torched the Wolves!

Another emphatic victory for the Chamois, this time against Grenoble Brûleurs de Loups (the Wolf Burners), final score 7-2. The two teams have met five times this season:

The Chamois came into this match on 11 Feb, on the back of a victory against the Burners in the away game on 6 Dec. Still, they did not rest on their sticks, taking an indisputable victory, that began from the first minute of the first third.

In the first third, Kevin Gadoury stole the puck, passing it to Kyle Hardy who, surrounded by the Burners' offensive snuckit to Vincent Kara, the Chamois no.1 winger, who burried the puck on the back of the Burners' net. This very quick first score, whet Chamois' appetite for victory.
In the second third, the Chamois French nationals, Clement Masson and Laurent Gras, struck twice more with two goals for the Chamois.
The last third began with the young Frenchman, Matthias Terrier, scoring the 4th point for the Chamois, stoking the fire under the Wolf Burners. The Chamois two star strikers, Julien Tremblay and Laurent Gras, scored another 3 points, Julien taking two in succession and Lauren scoring his second, and the final, goal of the match. A true display of Chamoniarde power, final score 7-2 (1-0 2-1 4-1).
Currently, in the Magnus League, the Chamonix Chamois are in 9th place with a total of 24 points. The match away with Angers, 14 Feb, is crucial.

The Chamois seem to have found their strength at the end of the season.

On 24 Jan, the Chamois trounced the Etoile Noire de Strasbourg (the Black star of Strasbourg) from the very beginning of the match. At the end of the first third, the two teams went in the break with a difference of 3 points, a difference maintained in the second third. An undisputed victory for the Chamois, final score 10-4.
Then on 1 Feb, the Chamois duked it out with the Ducs de Dijon, taking a 3-2 victory away from home and moving up one position in the Magnus League ranking. The Chamois are on a roll!

Très bon boulot, les Chamois!

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The Chamois Torch the Wolves