Three Mountaineers rescued off Mont-Blanc


28 July 2015. Three experienced mountaineers from the Rhône-Alpes region trapped in Mont-Blanc massif  were rescued early Monday afternoon.

The central pillar of the Freney
PGHM helicopter, Chamonix
The central pillar of the Freney

The 3 mountaineers were caught out by bad weather on Sunday 26, whilst attempting the central pillar of the Freney on the Italian side of Mont Blanc.

Because the atrocious weather and diminished visibility the party found themselves stuck. They were unable to down climb, and called the PGHM for rescue.

The rescue services have tried to reach them for 4 times by helicopter, but the strong winds and low cloud have prevented any approach. So, they had to spend the night trying to shelter near the top of the route.

By around 11:50am mountain rescuers were dropped at the Refuge du Gouter and finally reached the party. All the men were brought safely back to Chamonix by 2pm.

The experienced climbers suffered dehydration and exhaustion. Otherwise they are unharmed.


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