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Three days after the fire, the Chamonix swimming pool reopens!

Chamonix swimming pool interior re-opens after fire

Three days after the fire of Friday 9 February 2024, the Chamonix swimming pool is once again open to the public from Monday 12 February 2024.

People observing the fire last Friday, which appeared to burn fiercely with high flames and a plume of acrid black  smoke,  feared the worst; that the swimming pool and other services in the Richard Bozon Sports complex, would all be closed for months. 

What we actually saw was a well designed building coping with an existential threat. The whole structure is concrete, including the convex roof dome. The dome is covered with bitumen. The bitumen burned and the concrete was slightly affected, but thanks to the rapid intervention from the pompiers, the damage is minimal.

The Richard Bozon Sports facility that houses the swimming pool was closed for the weekend. It re-opened Monday at 8am to receive a party of school children.

The fitness room opened 2 hours later, at 10am. 

The normal service has resumed.

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