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'Living with Wolves' at the Vox Cinema in Chamonix

Le film "Vivre avec les Loups" présenté ce lundi 19 Février 2024, par son réalisateur. au Cinéma Vox de Chamonix.

The film 'Living with Wolves' presented today, Monday 19 February 2024, by its director Jean-Michel Bertrand at the Vox Cinema in Chamonix.

Today at 3:30 p.m., director Jean-Michel Bertrand will be at the Vox Cinema in Chamonix to present his film Living with Wolves. This documentar was released in Cinemas on 24 January 2024 and screened in particular at the National Assembly in Paris. This is the third part of a cinematographic trilogy devoted to coexistence with the great predator.

It shows how certain breeders adapted to the arrival of the wolf and offers to live with him, in the event that he would soon be present everywhere in France. Giving voice to actors in the field, this film goes beyond the sterile confrontation of “For or against the wolf”.

By rising above polemical postures, the author sensitively leads us to perceive nature and the animals that surround us from a different perspective.

Also, the film is an opportunity to (re)discover the magnificent landscapes of the Southern Alps.

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