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Chamonix Bus Timetables 2024 PDF & Chamonix Bus System

Chamonix Bus Mobilite

Chamonix has a bus system which runs up and down the Valley and serves the various ski resorts and hiking areas. All lines pass by the Chamonix Sud Bus Stop, make a circuit in Chamonix and then connect the town with other 4 communes: Les Houches, Servoz, Argentiere, Vallorcine.

The base fleet, which operates all year round, is made up of two electric shuttle buses, six Euro 6 standard vehicles and six hybrid buses. A third electric shuttle bus was acquired in 2018. A 100% electric 12m standard vehicle was tested in real operating conditions at the end of this winter, with a view to the official delivery of a vehicle of this type in 2020.

There is a year-round service and a winter season service. In high season, there is rarely a waiting time longer than 20 minutes. Normally heavy snowfall is not a problem for the buses, as they are well equipped. On the other hand, when it snows a lot in Chamonix the roads can get pretty messy for cars, some of which may be lacking the proper equipment, and the high volume of cars raises the pollution levels, so leave your car at home and take advantage of this free bus service.

The Chamonix Bus Prices

Category Price
Children under 4 0€

Single Ticket

Single Ticket (on-board cash only)



Single Ticket Chamo'Nuit (night bus) 4,50€
Day Ticket 4,50€
3 Day Ticket 9,00€
Weekly Ticket 18,00€
Monthly Ticket 28,00€
Yearly Ticket 280,00€
I have a Ski/Lift Pass 0€

The Chamonix Bus service schedule for Summer 2024

Everything that Chamonix Mobilité thinks you need to know in a PDF with 25 pages

The operator Transdev has a mobile app called MyMobi.     
On the Chamonix Mobility website lurking on the left side of the footer menu, there are links to the app.     
Google Play  AppStore     
If anyone gets this app to work for Chamonix, drop a message on ChamonixFans. We would love to know!


The Main Chamonix Bus lines:

Below you will find the timetables valid from 22 June 2024 to 8 September 2024

Chamonix Bus Summer Timetable 2024 (one file with all lines, times, dates & services)

Line 1 - the bus runs every 30 minutes all year round, every day from 5:40 am to 8:14 pm, except for Sundays and holidays during the off-season, when there will be 1 bus each hour. 

Check here Timetables PDF line 1: Les Houches - Chamonix - Les Praz Flegere

Line 2 - the bus runs every 30 minutes, every day from 6:54 am to 8:49 pm, except for Sundays and holidays during the off-season, when there will be 1 bus each hour.

Check here Timetables PDF line 2: Le Tour - Chamonix - Les Bossons

Line 3 serves the route Servoz-Chamonix Sud-Gare Routière, every day.

Check here Timetables PDF line 3: Servoz - Chamonix Sud - Gare Routière


"The Mulet" Free Shuttle Bus - Town Center

Electric city center bus/shuttle, that takes you from Place du Triangle de l’Amitié to the central bus station, every day, from 8:00 am to 7:15 pm.

The Mulet service runs circuits around Chamonix centre where the large buses can no longer pass due to pedestrian schemes and provides connection points to the main bus service that continues up and down the valley to the main lift areas and villages. Access to the car parks at Le Grépon, Mont-Blanc, Entrèves, Allobroges, and the Multimedia Library.

The frequency of this shuttle bus service: 12 minutes in winter and summer, 20 minutes in the off-season.

Check here Timetables PDF: Le Mulet


Proxibus Bus Lines:

The Proxibus service is a transport solution designed specifically to meet the needs of the hamlets. This service aims to offer a practical and personalized travel experience regardless of your location in the Valley.

Line 5 operates everyday from 9:30 am to 5:59 pm. It works only by reservation on the Chamonix Mobility application or by phone on +33 4 50 53 05 55.

Check here Timetables PDF line 5: Vallorcine - Barberine - Le Buet

Line 6 runs every day from 6:25 am to 7:27 pm.

Check here Timetables PDF line 6: Les Houches Mairie - Vaudagne La Villaz - Servoz Gare

Line 7 serves the route Le Prarion-Maison Neuve

Check here Timetables PDF line 7: Maison Neuve - Les Houches Train Station - Servoz Fontaine

Line 8 serves the route Les Houches-Le Guret

Check here Timetables PDF line 8: Les Houches Le Guret - Les Houches La Chapelle du Pont

Line 9 serves the route Le Mont-Chamonix Sud

Check here Timetables PDF line 9: Le Mont Bossons - Chamonix Sud Bus Station 

Line 10 serves the route Chamonix Sud-Les Moussoux

Check here Timetables PDF line 10: Chamonix Sud - Brévent - Chamonix Bus Station

Line 11 serves the route Les Praz Flégère-Les Lanchettes

Check here Timetables PDF line 11: Les Praz Flégère - Les Lanchettes - Les Praz Flégère

Line 12 serves the route Le Buet-Vallorcine Gare

Check here Timetables PDF line 12: Le Buet - Vallorcine Gare

Winter Chamonix Bus lines:

The ski bus service gives you access to all the different ski areas in the Chamonix Valley. 

The busses are free of charge with your lift pass.

Ski 1  DIRECT Le Prarion-Les Praz Flégère 

Ski 2  DIRECT Chamonix Sud-Gds Montets 

Ski 3  DIRECT Chamonix Sud-Le Tour

Ski 13 goes from Plaine St Jean to Le Prarion

Ski 14 goes from Le Brévent to Les Planards

Ski 15 goes from Le Grépon to Le Tour 

Ski 16 goes from Le Prarion to Les Montquarts

Ski 17 goes from Le Brévent to Les Praz Flégère


Summer Chamonix Bus lines:

Rando Trekking Bus Les Chosalets - Col des Montets

Check here Timetables PDF: RandoBus Les Chosalets - Col des Montets

The V1 bike line takes you to the Les Houches - Chamonix Sud Bus Station.

Check here Timetables PDF: V1 bike line

The V2 bike line takes you to Le Tour - Chamonix Place Mont Blanc.

Check here Timetables PDF: V2 bike line

The Chamonix Night Bus"Chamo’Nuit"

Chamo’nuit operates every day from Monday to Sunday from 8:35 pm (first pickup) to 1:10 am (last pick-up). Please note that certain time slots must be booked in advance.

N1 serves the route Les Houches Le Prarion - Chamonix Sud Bus Station

Check here Timetables PDF: Chamo Nuit 1

N2 serves the route Chamonix Sud Bus Station - Argentière La Fis 

Check here Timetables PDF: Chamo Nuit 2

N3 serves the route Argentière La Fis - Vallorcine Barberine 

Check here Timetables PDF: Chamo Nuit 3

N4 serves the route Les Houches Mairie - Servoz La Côte 

Check here Timetables PDF: Chamo Nuit 4

Here you can see the entire Chamonix Bus Network

Advance Ticket Purchases

To buy bus tickets in advance you can either make a purchase on the Chamonix Mobility website.

Please do not be confused by this website. It is a little misleading, giving the impression that you can buy a Guest Card. You can't. All the offers are for Bus Tickets purchased with a Guest Card.

Or, you can buy bus tickets in advance from any of the outlets listed on the Chamonix Mobility website.

On a bus, you can only buy a €2 single fare. Reduced to €1.50 with the guest card.

All lift passes entitle you to free access to the bus network except the night bus.

Carte d'Hôte / FREE Guest Card

With the Chamonix Guest Card (Carte d'Hôte) you can get a discount in all the the Chamonix Valley Shuttle Bus Network and also on the Mont Blanc Express Train, if you travel between Servoz and Vallorcine.

Find here all the information about the Chamonix Guest Card